Ken decided after 24 years of evolution spent in Cranbourne on the family property it was time to take up the opportunity to purchased a lovely property on Craig Road in Devon Meadows.

It was a big decision to make as the property in Cranbourne had serviced us well over the years, but due to the pressure of suburban growth and redevelopments that seem to be happenening all around us, we had started to loose our tranquility. It was the perfect timimg to move on new pastures.

Our lovely property is very well set up with modern facilities, including 21 large stables, 14 paddocks all with walk in walk out boxes, 5 day yards, barriers leading out to an 800 metre sand track, large sandroll, and an 8 horse walker.

We like to pride ourselves on our indivdual hands on approach, therefore we like to keep the amount of horses we have in training to a nice amount to ensure that the personalised service and high level of care each horse receives from Ken is always maintained, owners are welcome to visit their horses at any time.

Saloon Park is a very stress free environment for the horses and staff alike! It is situated close to the Cranbourne Training Complex and as a result all horses are worked, home and fed early in the day. This gives the horses plenty of time out in the paddock before being turned in for the night.

Ken also has an additional agistment property situated in Pakenham which consists of 100 acres, is safe and secure where horses are taken out for spelling and are not returned to work until they are truly ready for it. This property is used for Kens extensive breeding business as well.

The staff at Saloon Park treat each horse as an individual and its specific needs are met. No one on Ken’s staff sees working there as “just a job” and staff turnover is exceptionally low.

Everyone benefits from this happy and low stress environment as everyone working there wants to be there!