Winter Is Here

Jun 16, 2015

Well the dreaded Winter months are ahead, lots of furry coats growing to keep the extra warmth in their bodies.

We normally find some of our horses we clip during the winter months as their coats grow too long and its very hard to get them dried off after the early morning training sessions.

All are horses seem quite happy to be in training during the winter months as its nice and warm in their stables.

Our youngsters are coming along nicely with some already broken in and some not far away from starting their breaking in education.

If anyone has not emailed us your email addresses so that you can recieve monthly updates please do, so we can get you set up to go on our web site and view whats happening.

We hope you all keep warm and if anyone is interested in coming down to the Training Complex at any stage to see you horse in action contact Ken or Kasey and they'll be able to give you a time that will work in with your horse.

Saloon Park.