Ken & Louise have gone shopping!!

Feb 22, 2018

Who says only women like to shop. Guess where Ken and Louise are this month. They’re out SHOPPING!!! Up and down the isles of Australia and New Zealand looking for the best buys. Have you ever hear of the song “I’ve been everywhere Man” Well Ken and Louise have hunted high and low for these colts and fillies. Here are some cryptic clues on their purchases.

When it comes to spending money its “All about the Coin” and if you want an adventure to remember, take a stroll in the “Sun”, take in the view of the beautiful "Panoramic Skies" walk past the “Crystal Castle” then look in the window and see all of “Shamus’s Awards”. Be aware of the girl with long legs who thinks she’s the “Street Boss” but she’s just a waitress called “Belvedere” and her favourite sport is archery, she's always "Shooting to Win" . “Nic&coni” are “Fighting” with “Blumarju” because they want to be first back at the stables. And can you believe it Ken’s gone all religious “God Bless Us” all.